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With Lotto prizes around the country reaching historic peaks – the question circulating around the net is “WHAT WOULD YOU DO if YOU WON?”

I know what I would do, and have had this plan for A LONG TIME!

Firstly, call my lawyer, call my broker (invest), pay down bills, pay off all family member homes, UNDERWRITE 50 MOTOR HOMES, 50 Veterinarians, 50 Vet assistants and all their supplies to provide FREE SPAY AND NEUTER services in every state for as many years as my investments will allow.  Following that I would spend a butt load of money putting heavy restrictions on and regulating animal breeders.

WAIT – there’s more ( I hope I win A LOT!!!) I would start an abused living creature organization to help people and animals who are unable to defend themselves from cruelty…

Then I’d buy a vintage truck, AND OF COURSE – GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! to human many assorted services and sustainable agriculture organizations.

Human and animal abuse is a tragic and horrible result of our throw away society, in my opinion.  Humans have always had the ability to be cruel – but with our wants and needs today it seems we are ever more able to produce sad and pitiful existences for many living creatures (humans included) who could otherwise be happy and healthy

Sounds like big projects – OH – Well – I’ve always been one to THINK BIG!

And if I win one of the smaller amounts – I’ll down size the plans you read here and generally do the same.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR BIG BUCKS!  NO need to be philanthropic in your desires if you don’t want to be.  Don’t let my plans trip you into not being honest about your plans.  Different strokes for different folks with their big bucks.

Happy lotto ticket buying!

KWPA radio – Whidbey Island’s public and community radio station – is happy to provide Whidbey Island property owners with information on the special MAIL IN only ballot – set for MAY 17, 2011 – in which Whidbey General Hospital will be asking Whidbey property owners for a 50 million dollar bond for the hospital’s upgrade and expansion.

Listen to Harry Anderson’s March 7, 2011 – interview with hospital CEO Tom Tomasino and CFO Joe Vessey for more information about this special ballot measure – by clicking on the linked title below


KWPA hopes this special interview will help Whidbey Island Property Owners understand more about this special election BOND.

Gwen would like to thank KWPA’s What’s Up Whidbey host – Harry Anderson for taking the time to host this special interview.

Thank you for listening to KWPA


The Penn Cove MusselFest Headquarters is located at the Coupeville Recreation Hall.
Tickets for Saturday and Sunday festival activities must be purchased there.

Parking is available next to the Coupeville Library off of NW Alexander Street and at the Island County Buildings on Main Street (a 3 block walk to downtown and the Rec Hall)

Friday, March 4, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Saturday, March 5, 10:30am-9pm
Sunday, March 6, 10:30am-5pm

Click on the 2011 Penn Cove Mussel Festival poster to go to their official site.


July 6, 2010



With sincerest of apologies, the conversation with Linda Bartlett has extreme volume level issues and cannot be heard as a repeat, just yet.  Please forgive this.  KWPA is striving to be the best it can be.  We are small, run on volunteer support and are unable to fix the volume on this recording at this time.

Linda, thank you for your time, and valuable information!  You will be the first to know when the audio is available.

To our listener’s – thank you too for your time and continued support!  You are much appreciated!


In the meanwhile here are some photographs


Rosehip Farm and Garden, on Ebey’s Reserve, Whidbey Island




Take a look into the organic farm that is Rosehip Farm and Garden on Ebey's Prairie - Whidbey Island - owned and operated by Linda Bartlett and Valerie Reuther


Rosehip Farm & Garden's little cabin on Fort Casey Road is carefully set up for their food-share clients. Local residents registered with Rosehip's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program come to the cabin to pick up their weekly share of organic produce.


Rosehip's CSA membership come in and take as many bunches of produce as these little signs direct. Each member receives 20 weeks of fresh organic produce each year during the height of the growing seasons. The average cost is 26 dollars per week per household. Some seniors share a membership and split the produce between them. Everyone loves the arrangement.


Rosehip's Linda Bartlett and Valerie Reuther have invested in well built hot house's in an effort to grow the best tomatoes the island has to offer, and extend their growing season. In order to serve their members and community Linda and Valerie continue to improve Rosehip every year.


TOMATOES in their neat rows in one of Rosehip's growing houses. Rosehip is a clean and organized farm, getting the most out of our climate and land.


Like many local farms, Rosehip relies on an internship program to manage the amount of labor the farm requires. Linda and Valerie are committed to passing along the knowledge they have gained from managing an organic farm for over 10 years and eagerly support farming internships. For more information click on the photo.


Linda Bartlett checks in on the chicken power inside one of Rosehip Farm and Garden's "chicken tractors". Notice the green of the row behind the tractor - notice the dirt in front? That bare dirt is the result of chicken feet and beaks cleaning up a row as general maintainance and in preparations for crop rotations for next year. The chicken tractor is pulled along the rows, as their clucking inhabitants clean up the garden, leaving little else but their added bonus of chicken -bleep- to fertilize the soil.


The black plastic eliminates weed growth around the plants thus greatly assisting Rosehip in keeping to an organic method. Plastic may not be organic - but it beats spraying chemicals to control weeds.


The home of your next delicious salad, Valerie and Linda run a clean and productive farm. Rosehip's fields are tended by hand for the most part. Linda and Valerie will occasionally bring in a neighbor, with their tractor, to prepare heavier jobs. Farmer's on Whidbey tend to be a cooperative and kindly bunch of people, with dirty hands. Rosehip's mascot, Charlie, a 130 lb. dog, Linda says keeps the deer at bay, only meander's around the farm via grassy patches that surround the growing beds, like any good farmer's dog would do.


Seedlings await their new home on the farm under the shade of a packing shed. The shed is actually the home of Rosehip's harvesting area. Once their produce is picked it is taken directly into this shady shed to be sorted, washed and packed for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members, the Coupeville Farmer's Market and numerous restaurants and shops.


Rosehip's salad spinner. This washing machine does a fine job cleaning and then spinning Rosehip's mixed greens. Throughly washed between any usage, it is a heavy lifter of labor at the farm. This machine is ONLY used for greens.


This netted bag is filled with green's and spun.


Second flush of Broccolli - a new crop will go in shortly. Rotating and using a companion cropping process, Rosehip gets the most out of their constantly changing, coming on, harvesting and finishing crops.


Rosehip onions awaiting the hot little hands of some great chef for a delicious addition to their recipe.


Next time you're at the Coupeville Farmer's Market ask one of the Rosehip Farm and Garden staff how to tell when a fava bean is ready to be picked.


Coupeville’s head librarian, Leslie Franzen, trekked down the  wharf for her debut on WhidbeyChat this morning.

A “home grown” librarian, Leslie is about to break her mentor  and predecessor’s 30 year record of leadership, by celebrating her own 31st year with the library.  And what better time to be working twice as many hours – than 30 years into your career.

Excited and renewed, after the long process of getting the Coupeville  library expanded and reopened, in this interview Leslie expresses gratitude to the community for their commitment and support, and her eagerness to share the library’s new resources, upcoming programs and news with Whidbey Chat listeners, and all of the communities of Whidbey Island.

Not alone in her effort to serve the communities of Whidbey Island, Leslie oversees a staff of 5 (and a half) with the support of the Friends of the Library, the community at large, and Island County.  Together they make the Coupeville Library one very special place.

Leslie Franzen, Coupeville’s own (tops Nancy Pearl), on Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam.  Listen to the replays of this interview!  You won’t regret it. Repeats air on KWPA 96.9 FM & – Thursday May 13 at 9am and Friday May 14 at 4pm – tune/stream in for all the latest news from the Coupeville Library, and meet a woman who loves her job!

Leslie, or someone from her staff, joins Gwen on Whidbey Chat bi-monthly for library updates.

And if you want to see one of the library’s fantastic views visit their webcam

HOWARD GARRETT joined Gwen and Whidbey Chat listeners for his monthly Whale News visit.  A recording of the show can be heard on Thurs April 29th at 9am PST  and Fri April 30 at 4pm PST.  The KWPA  site for streaming and/or Howard & Orca Network can be reached through the links to your left – Click and Go

The Poop on Whales from the Coupeville Wharf

Picture by Klaus D. Neumann


Orca Network’s Howard Garrett walked down the wharf for his monthly visit to Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam today.  One of the Orca Network Co-founders Howard is a regular guest on Whidbey Chat and is a sought after voice in all things Whale.  As with any time, Howard was full of interesting, even shocking news this week.  

Speaking about a new scientific peer-reviewed study, just released, Howard told Gwen and Whidbey Chat listeners there may very well be more than one species of Orca (Orcinus).  Killer whales may be as many as four or more species.  That is the proposal of a highly regarded paper written by lead scientist Phillip Morin, a geneticist affiliated with the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the University of California at San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and colleagues in the field (authors listed below).  While Howard has yet to dissect the paper he was peeked with interest as to what this means to the future study of the Orca.  

Howard explained that Orca have been living and evolving in their related groups for so many millenium; hunting their group’s particular and exclusive food choice (fish, or mammals, or shrimp, or squid…) living, hunting and migrating in the same locations over and over again, speaking in isolated and distinct ways with particular vocabularies, that pod to pod their DNA is distinctly different.  Using genetic evidence the paper looks to prove killer whales likely represent three separate species and suggests ancestors diverged roughly seven hundred thousand years ago, though does not pin-point whether resident, “type-A” Antarctic and North Atlantic types could be a single species, separate species or, even still, a separate sub-species.  There will be much more to follow on this new marine science as the scientific community, academia and specialists in the field, pick apart this scientific paper.  Check on the links to your left to read more about the findings. 

Pertaining to our local whales, Howard never disappoints when it comes to clearing things up.  He clearly explained the recent transient Orca attack on a resident male Grey whale, named Patch, out in the Saratoga Pass. The aggressive ramming of Patch was done by the female Orca in T-Pod, and may have been part of a training session for the young whales present, as a way of teaching them hunting techniques.

He went on to explain the details of a necropsy (autopsy) performed on one of the five emaciated & deceased Grey whales found around the Pacific Northwest and Canada in the last several weeks.  Having been on one of the necropsy teams, Howard was there to see that particular whale had a stomach full of saw-dust, due to feeding in a coastal area near a saw mill.  Howard was not on the team that performed the necropsy, last week, on the Grey who had a stomach full of contemporary items found in any home, boat, department or grocery store.  Beyond knowing through visual inspection what was in the stomach, the scientific samples and data collected are still being processed and studied and there’s no definitive answer, as of yet, what killed the Grey whales. 

A resent post on the Orca Network facebook page stated – “More good news about whale poop!”  And hence, Whidbey Chat listeners were informed, by Howard, of a dog, named Tucker, who is specially trained to stand on the bow of a boat and recognise whale fecal matter in the water.  Tucker, a black lab, enables scientists to more easily collect whale poop, which they then examine to ascertain the health and welfare of the animal.  Our listeners can be assured that Orca Network delves deep into all things whale and today was a prime example.   And why snicker about whale poop – ask your own doctor – waste not want not – the stuff can say a lot about your overall health.  

This interview includes facts of fish (whale food) who seem to swim backwards for hundreds of miles, dogs that seek out whale dung, female whales who brazenly teach their young to beat up on animals 3 times their size, local whale sightings, new big science and a bit about the Langley, Washington, Welcome the Whales Day Festival last weekend.  Yet another wonderful month with Orca Network co-founder Howard Garrett. 

Whidbey Chat listeners, and Gwen would like to thank Howard, Susan Berta and the Orca Network for informing and entertaining us!  

The current information and related press about the Orca species study can be found on the Orca Network site  – click the Howard Garrett link to your left- once at the sight go to their “news” page.

The species study was conducted by lead author Phillip Morin, a geneticist affiliated with the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the University of California at San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and colleagues; Frederick Archer, Andrew D. Foote, Julie Vilstrup, Eric E. Allen, Paul Wade, John Durban, Kim Parsons, Robert Pitman, Lewyn Li, Pascal Bouffard, Sandra C. Abel Nielsen, Morten Rasmussen, Eske Willerslev, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Timothy Harkins,  who collaborated over numerous years in as many places on the earth to propose this possibility.   Howard looks forward to seeing more of the study and promises to update the site as soon as more information comes in.  

Howard Garrett will be in to talk to listeners about this and other whale news!  It’ll be a whale of an education for our listeners.

Tune in live – Monday – April 26 – 96.9 FM in the central Whidbey area or stream on your computer from  Show will repeat Thurs. at 9am and Fri at 4pm. 




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