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It’s all about NEUROSCIENCE 

FRIDAY – JANUARY 27th, 2012 – 1pm – PST! 

Mark Brady, Ph.D. is a neuroscience educator.  He co-founded the Children’s Grief Program at Kara, a public service agency in Palo Alto, California where he only stopped volunteering upon moving to Whidbey Island.

In addition to being a long-time member of  the graduate research faculty at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, he writes a weekly column on social neuroscience for parents (The Committed Parent).

He is the prize-winning author of a number of books, magazine articles and academic papers. Two recent titles are: Safe and Secure: A Guide to Parenting with the Brain in Mind and A Father’s Book of Listening. These and other titles can be ordered wherever fine books are sold on the Internet or by emailing: He is currently working on a new book on helping children escape childhood unscathed. It will be available in September, 2012.

Plumeria - at the Case Farm

Shelia & Mike Case-Smith make farming seem like fun.  The energy and attitude up at Case Farm, north of Oak Harbor, has a casual but hardworking feel about it.

112 years since her Great Grandfather, Alonzo Case, started the family farm, the Case-Smith family continues to foster diverse and healthy farming, on land that has the familial memory of a Whidbey Island history book.

Along with their three children, two girls and a boy, and their assorted feathered and hairy friends, Shelia and Mike produce enough food to feed their family, their extended families and three Whidbey Island Farmer’s Markets.

Listen to Shelia Case-Smith talk about the Case Farm

Known for their powerhouse tomato plants, great produce, fall pumpkin patch and countless other plants and veggies, Sheila and Mike, are trying their hand at unusual delicious and sweet smelling produce (an flowers) most people would never dream of growing in the Pacific Northwest.  With a daughter who has traveled the world and Shelia’s trip to Hawaii, the farm is home to such trees as olive, lemon, lime, banana, not to mention the lemon grass, a coconut, plumeria and numerous other unusual plants the Case-Smith’s nudge along.

Not your “run of the mill” farmer, Shelia uses an unusual marketing tactic to make an impact on her customers.  And her husband, Mike, can also be found using this same tactic impress those who stop by the pumpkin patch in the fall.   Listen to Gwen’s interview with Sheila to find out what the tactic is.

Listen to Shelia Case-Smith talk about the Case Farm

Pictured above is one of the Plumeria blossoms Shelia and Mike have in their greenhouse.  Gwen is sorry to say the batteries on her camera conked out, after the second photo – so you’ll have to wait to see more pictures of the Case Farm in Oak Harbor.

THANKS TO SHELIA AND MIKE – for allowing KWPA and Gwen up to the farm!  This interview continues and enhances the Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears!

We hope listener’s enjoy getting to know the farmers who make Whidbey Island’s farming community world class!

IT IS HOT on Whidbey!  90’s!  That is HOT for us!

Tomorrow – Monday – August 16th – an archived Whidbey Chat show will air at our usual time of 11 am.  Could be Proposition 1 with Angie Homola or one of Whidbey Chat’s past shows.

Interviewing Shelia Case-Smith, from Case Farm in Oak Harbor, tomorrow at 7pm – due to the day time heat.  Look for that interview to air later in the week.

Thank you for supporting KWPA – your volunteer-based, noncommercial, community public radio station on Whidbey Island.

KWPA’s Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears continues

Peg Tennant is a Whidbey Island native and the Farmer’s Market manager for the central island markets – Oak Harbor and Coupeville.

On July 19th, Peg joined Gwen for a conversation about her job, and her life loving and promoting locally grown, and prepared food, on Whidbey Island.     Listen to Gwen’s interview – aired on KWPA – and get the skinny on all things farmer’s market and the bonus of a couple good recipes !


Click to listen link = WCPegTennantMarketManager_7_19_2010

Click on picture to visit one of Peg's Whidbey Island markets - Coupeville


July 19, 2010

Attention KWPA’s Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam

shopper – listener

Thank you – EVERYONE – for your patience….  The hot weather is causing one of our switches to behave like wild child…  All hands are on deck for a fix – but it’s not like we can go to Ace and buy a switch.   Please – hang in there with us – KWPA – the community public radio station – that could!

Today Gwen will be interviewing Peg Tennant – Market manager for Oak Harbor and Coupeville Farmer’s Markets – we will do that interview out of the studio, to air later this week.

Will let everyone know as soon as the techno switch is behaving properly and Whidbey Chat is back to a live formate.

PRAIRIE BOTTOM FARM’s Wilbur and Julianna Purdue will be airing today – 11am!!!!  today.  Great time with great Whidbey Farmers!   Tune in!

Wilbur and Julianna Purdue of Prairie Bottom Farm on Ebey's Prairie

IN ADDITION – please forgive lack of updates on this site….  It’s been a long week.  We will update the photo gallery and recap, for Prairie Bottom Farm’s interview, in the next couple of days.  Guess “Island Time” is at play this week.

Thanks again!

Oak Harbor sculptor Jerry Pike shows how he creates one of the ravens for display at the Native Spirit Art Show May 22 and 23 during the Penn Cove Water Festival. Nathan Whalen/Whidbey News-Times

Whidbey Island artist Jerry Pike, calls himself a Ceramic Archeologist and says he “doesn’t look like an artist”.  Finding inspiration through the traditions and artifacts of the ancient civilizations of Columbian, African and Native American Jerry’s works come to him through a childhood experience and memory he’s carried with him all his life.  As a young boy, on a fishing trip with his father, Jerry found some artifacts on the river bank.  Excited and inspired, Jerry was thrilled at his findings and felt a pull to find out more about them.  Those findings brings that memory to his art today.

In this interview with Gwen, Jerry Pike takes us; from that first discovery of native artifacts on the banks of a river as a six year old, to being the full time Ceramic Archaeologist and the artist he is today.

Listen into Whidbey Chat re-airing of this interview, Thursday May 27th at 9am and Friday May 28th at 4pm – from your FM dial 96.9 in the Coupeville area or stream on your computer from



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