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Create a Memorial Day Rolling Thunder event

for Whidbey Island & the Pacific Northwest.


Photo’s below are from the Official Rolling Thunder event in Washington DC.

Gwen’s idea of a perfect day!

Memorial Bridge facing Arlington Cemetery – Opening Helio Fly Over – waiting for the protesters to depart the Pentagon parking lot (where they assemble at 9am) and come thundering down the George Washington Hwy, past Arlington Cemetery across Memorial Bridge to the Viet Nam, Korean, Nurses, WWII and WWI (small little memorial a lot of people miss) memorials.  I (Gwen) attended 16 consecutive Rolling Thunder Memorial Days in DC.  Each was like the first!  Overwhelming pride and reflection of who we are, as a people and country.

The American political war protest event, Rolling Thunder, has become the largest continuous annual political protest in our nation’s history.

Rolling Thunder started with a simple thought by one man.  Honor those Missing in Action and Prisoners of War, with a motor cycle run to Washington DC.

Ray Manzo, from Hoboken, N.J., loved and served his country, and was driven by the pain he felt for those he knew we left behind. Coming home from Viet Nam, trying to live, he longed to throw a flag up, look for, find and recover his forgotten comrades. Ray had to act.  He wrote hundreds of letters to those he thought could help and would happily go find and recover their enlisted.  He spent years keeping the flag high.  And then one day, he conceived a motorcycle run in the nation’s capital to show the country and the world that abandoned American soldiers in Vietnam still mattered to their fellow servicemen and the country for which they sacrificed their freedom.  Finally, an idea for protest on a mass scale.  With the help of those he pitched the idea, Ray continued to pursue the ride it, making it happen.

Since that first ride, in 1987, when it was hard to count the numbers riding into DC from all over the country, “each run has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger”.  Today, the run participants number up to 500,000 riders and 900,000 supporters. And it takes 10 days for the Carry the Flame riders to get from California to Washington.

In those early years it was difficult for some to stick their necks out for a, public, war demonstration. Those who’d served or were actively serving, and those who loved them, had big fear of protests.  But with good, decent and passionate motivation and leadership, organizing, and recruiting Rolling Thunder has grown leaps and bounds every year.  Today with the support of the hundreds of thousands of civilians who join them, it’s ourVets, their needs, the PentagonArlington Cemetery, the War Memorials and motorcycles that “rule the day”.  On Memorial Day in our nations capital a war protest, that could not be more fittingly, emotionally moving and noisy!

I honor Memorial Day and our warriors, every year, tearfully and with Rolling Thunder!  Even now, from a distance, I am transported there, in real time, at my computer, by the hundreds of people who are there and uploading the day from their phones!  Thank you.  It’s a pleasure to have the tears, fight for and celebrate our military, and feel Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day!  The least I can do!

Watch the official Rolling Thunder video and learn a little history.  Have a great Memorial Day – honoring those who serve, their families and loved ones!

More Rolling Thunder videos

2010 Rolling Thunder HELMET CAM!!! – finally someone did it!    Uploaded to youtube by youtube member scottp32401


Bar King Spiders (the band) Rolling Thunder Video – LOVE THIS – One of Gwen’s FAV Rolling Thunder Videos!!


May 25, 2010 – Riders along Interstate 59 – passing through Fort Payne, Alabama, headed to the Rolling Thunder Ride in Washington DC.  Music Mozart-Carmina Burana – O Fortuna – uploaded to youtube by – youtube member – ACMC58


May 30, 2010 — Short documentary on Rolling Thunder 2010 – from youtube member pvreditor – who is also doing the narration

Look out old timer eateries in Coupeville, for the second year running, a brand new business WON the MUSSEL CHOWDER CONTEST!

Ebey Bowl, located at 1203 W Terry Road in Coupeville, made the best chowder and has raised the bar for the 2012 Penn Cove Mussel Fest.  Last year the 2010 mussel chowder winner was Mosquito Fleet on Front St. in Coupeville.

Matt and Heidi Iverson and Mimi and Scott Johnson, owners of Ebey Bowl – will surely be fielding tons of congratulatory phone calls, emails and visitors today – giving them no time to rest after a whirl wind Mussel Fest weekend.

When asked, by Gwen, at the Mussel Mingle, Friday night, what he had planned for his chowder entry, Matt Iverson said he had no idea what he was doing – but he was confident it would be delicious and he was not worried”.  Looks like his confidence paid off!

Congratulations to the STAFF of EBEY BOWL!


Ebey Bowl
1203 W. Terry Road
(360) 678-2255

WSU Extension Master Gardener’s Join Gwen

Today on KWPA’s Whidbey Chat, Gwen hosted Island County Master Gardener’s Marcia Nelson and Carolyn Mercer, for a conversation about the Washington State University Extension’s Master Gardener program, how it to get involved, what they do as Master Gardeners, and their upcoming annual Whidbey Gardening Workshop 2011.

During the interview, Gwen found out that the Master Gardener’s program was founded in Washington state, that any Master Gardener program you’ll find in this country can be directly related back to our own state.

The Master Gardener Program is a national program of trained volunteers who work in partnership with their county Extension office to extend information throughout their community. The first Master Gardener program was started in Washington State in 1973. Master Gardeners provide only research-based information, giving the public accurate and tested answers to their questions.

Since joining Master Gardener’s in 2003, Carolyn has enjoyed the education the program requires, the interaction it provides her with the community and the valuable experiences it has brought to her life here on Whidbey.  Likewise Marcia, a Master Gardener since 2001, has fully embraced the program and all that it brought to her life.

Both are fully involved in the upcoming 2011 Whidbey Gardening Workshop, taking place at the Coupeville Middle/High School, March 19, from 9am to 3:30pm.  With over 60 classes to choose from, the event is open to the public at the cost of 35.00, and an additional 8.00 if you’d like to purchase lunch.   Excitedly Carolyn and Marcia shared that their keynote speaker for the event will be Graham Kerr of Galloping Gourmet fame.

Graham Kerr was born in London and grew up around some of the finest chefs in Europe.  He is the author of over 20 cookbooks. His newest, Growing at the Speed of Life, reflects his transition from cooking highly caloric gourmet foods to adopting and promoting a healthier lifestyle that features flavorful lower calorie diets and sustainable living.  Graham and his wife, Treena, live in Mt. Vernon where he grows his own food in a kitchen garden, the inspiration for his new book. Autographed copies of Growing at the Speed of Life can be purchased at the workshop.

For more information on Graham and his current projects go to

Chef Kerr can be seen on Food Network Rachel Ray show on March 2nd.  Tune in for a preview of what you can expect on March 19th at the WSU Extension Master Gardener program. For the first time ever, the man who inspired Rachael joins her in the kitchen for an unforgettable cooking experience – it’s the triumphant return of The Galloping Gourmet!

To hear this KWPA interview with Gwen, Marcia and Carolyn again tune to 96.9fm in the central Whidbey area or stream it on the net fromKWPA’s website Thursday – March 3rd at 9am – and Friday – March 4th at 4pm.

In Island County, Master Gardener training takes place once a year running January through March. The  2011 training will be on-line combined with some class time and field trips. Classes are taught by WSU faculty and veteran Master Gardeners. The cost of training is $170.00. All applicants will be interviewed and from among those interviewed 20 will be accepted into training. Those accepted into training agree to volunteer 85 hours of community service over the next two years as Island County Master Gardeners.  NOTE: the 2011 application process for the WSU Extension Master Gardener’s is closed.  Please connect to the link to research and apply for the following years 20 slots.

WSU Extension, PO Box 5000, Coupeville WA 98239. Or call us at 360-240-5527 to request an application by mail.





Saturday – February 12th at 7pm

at Ebey Bowl – 1203 Terry Road – Coupeville

$10.00 cover – bowling included

Spend more if you like on great items in the silent Auction.

Hear comedian Jessica Selle put her spin on LGBTQ humor.

Children under 18 admitted for free.


Eat, drink, be merry, and bowl with some of Whidbey’s finest bowling folks!


The Whidbey Giving Circle is a philanthropic community of Island County citizens who pool resources to support LGBTQ equality and young people on the island. Membership is open all who make a financial contribution of any size.  Annual gifts range from $15 to $5,000.  Every gift is powerful and earns the donor opportunities to vote on key Whidbey Giving Circle grants and scholarships. Affiliated with Pride Foundation, the Whidbey Giving Circle began in 2007 and has since grown to nearly 70 members, providing approximately $20,000 of annual support to organizations, community leaders and students.

For more information about the Whidbey Island Giving Circle – Larry Lowary at 360-579-2172

Fun meets the fundraising with bowling and the Whidbey Island Giving Circle!

August 29, 2010


for KWPA’s Old Time Radio Players, producers, director, cast and crew!


KWPA’s Old Time Radio Show – Live on Stage – encore performance at South Whidbey High School, last night, was ANOTHER smashing success!   Kudos go out to Executive Producers William Bell and Harry Anderson, Producer/Director Elizabeth Herbert, and the entire cast and crew – for a wonderful night of high quality entertainment on Whidbey Island!

Musical accompaniment for the evening performed by South Whidbey’s premier dance band, Locomotion

Foley Artist Group (Sound affect makers) for all acts of the KWPA Old Time Radio Live on Stage – Joe Fackler, Kyle Lancaster, and Chole Karl

Keyboard and Saxophone accompaniment performed by George Konopik

Applause and Laughter Sign performed by Casey Patterson

KWPA’s volunteer Ushers, Judy Lynn, Ron Wilkenson and Gwen Sam handed out programs and guided guests into the auditorium.

KWPA volunteer board members, Che Gilliland, Sarah Richards, Judy Feldman, Charles Arndt, Harry Anderson and Marty Behr maned the ticket table, and greeted and informed guests about KWPA memberships and sponsor packages.



Carolyn and Rich Tamler as Fibber McGee and Molly

The night began with The Johnson Wax Program, Fibber McGee and Molly.  Originally broadcast in March of 1940, the episode, Cleaning the Hall Closet, had the South Whidbey audience in stitches!    Actors and foley artists (sound makers) transported the audience to Fibber and Molly’s home, and the hall closet that threatened to crush them when they opened the door.  Hilariously, lead actors Rich and Carolyn Tamler performed the piece with great timing and convincing portrayals of the original actors, James “Jim” Jordan and Marian Driscoll, the husband and wife team who starred in the original show.  One of the longest-running comedy shows in radio history, beginning in 1935 and running to 1959, Fibber McGee and Molly, still entertains – with KWPA at the helm.  While Molly could often be heard telling Fibber “T’ain’t funny, McGee!”, KWPA’s South Whidbey audience couldn’t disagree more!

KWPA Cast -Fibber McGee & Molly

Fibber………………. Rich Tamler

Molly……………….. Carolyn Tamler

Announcer……………….. Jim Dunn

Man………………. Michael Monson

Little Girl (Teeny)…… Julia Beumer

Gildersleeve…………….. Jim Otruba

Produced/Directed by Elizabeth Herbert



Fibber McGee and Molly was followed by The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Originally broadcast in April of 1947 the episode called, The Adventure of the Tolling Bell is the story of a quiet holiday in the countryside, cut short when Holmes agrees to search for a runaway boy. At the same time, he must uncover the secret of the town’s haunting church bells… which never stop ringing.  Ed Walker as Holmes and David Eccles as Watson, along with the rest of the cast and the foley artists (sound makers) had the KWPA audience riveted with anticipation, awaiting the conclusion of the mystery.

KWPA Cast of Sherlock Holmes

Holmes………………………..  Ed Walker

Watson…………………….. David Eccles

Mr. Bell………………. Michael Monson

Mrs. Michol……………. Sandra Pollard

Mary…………………. Joyce Napoletano

Gillian……………………….. Jim Otruba

Mrs. Lakland…………… Donna Meyers

Tom………………………. Dell Lawrence

Produced/Directed by Elizabeth Herbert


During a 20 min. intermission audience members could be heard chatting up the first half of the show, with compliments about the actors, sound makers and musical accompaniment, and recollections of favorite moments.  KWPA had delicious cookies, generously donated by Tree Top Bakers of Clinton, and bottled water for the audience to enjoy during the intermission.  The concession stand was operated by KWPA volunteers, Michael Ferry, Jim Sherman and Terry Bible


As LocoMotion played old swing time and sentimental favorites of the era, audience members were ushered back into the auditorium for the second half of the KWPA Old Time Radio Show Live on Stage, excited to hear what was to come next.


Joyce Napoletano and Dell Lawrence in The Whistler

Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a 1947 episode of The Whistler, opened up the second half of the KWPA show to a rapt audience.   An american radio program running for a total of 13 years from May 16, 1942 until September 22, 1955, The Whistler, was one of the most popular mystery drama’s of its’ time.  Likewise it was one of the most popular pieces performed by the all volunteer cast for the KWPA Old Time Radio Show.

Opening with the Whistler saying – “I am the Whistler, and I know many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales, many secrets hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak,” KWPA actor Terry Rose played the part to the hilt.

KWPA Cast of The Whistler

The Whistler………… Terry Rose

Announcer…….Michael Monson

Gina Crane……Joyce Napoletano

Floyd Durant……. Dell Lawrence

Isabel…………….. Donna Meyers

Clinton………….Erik Christensen

Barbara Arnold..Joanna Roomes

Dist. Attorney… Dick Snowberger

Clarke…………………. Jim Otruba

Jackson…………. Harry Anderson

Judge………………. Walter Meyers

Court Clerk…………. Kathleen Fox

Mrs. Adamson……. Carole Shipley

Store Clerk/Juror..Mary Rose Anderson

Elevator Operator…. Andy Walker

Director/Producer Elizabeth Herbert



Eve Arden as Connie Brooks

KWPA closed the evening with a production of the wonderful old radio show Our Miss Brooks.  Originally broadcast in 1953, this episode, A Plaque for Mr. Conklin left the KWPA audience enjoying Miss Brooks and her endearing, if not sardonic personality.  Originated by Eve Arden, Our Miss Brooks ran on radio from 1948 to 1957 and then launched into the new media of TV from 1952 to 1956.  Nicole Bouvion proved the perfect casting for the lovely and exacting Miss Brooks.  Accompanied by a stellar cast, Ms. Bouvion pulled off the episode just as well as Eve Arden ever could, and the KWPA audience could relate to the clever, sarcastic, kindhearted teacher.

Cast of Our Miss Brooks

Announcer……….. Jim Dunn

Connie Brooks…… Nicole Bouvion

Mrs. Davis……….. Kathleen Fox

Walter Denton…… Andy Walker

Osgood Conklin…. Walter Meyers

Mr. Boynton……… Jim Otruba

Harriet Conklin…. Reilly Richards

Mr. Stone…………. Michael Monson

Mr. Turner………… Joe Fackler



KWPA – for a great night showing Whidbey Island great radio !

KWPA is Whidbey Island’s member supported community public radio station.   The station operates with an all volunteer board of directors, volunteer hosts, technical support and actors.  Support your local radio station by going to


July31 & Aug 1 - 2010 - Free admission - bring a picnic - Lavender Wind Farm presents ARTIST'S INVASION

Read more about this World War II era plane and the efforts it took to get it to Whidbey.

PBY Memorial Foundation website

July 3, 2010

Photo courtesy of the Muzzall family Ron Muzzall’s father Bob Muzzall makes hay while the sun shines in the 1960s

Headed toward their Quasquicentennial (125yrs) the Muzzall family and their farm are celebrating their Centennial farming Whidbey ~ July 17th ~ at a big farm bash.  KWPA will be live at the bash so mark your calendar.

Update on big event: Today, Gwen will be out at the farm recording pre-bash interviews with the family.  Rain or shine ~ we’re out to get as much history about this touchstone farm, as, public radio, possible.



Ron and Shelly Muzzall are the fourth generation on the family farm on Whidbey Island. In 2010 the farm will become a centennial Washington farm.  They have three daughters. That is where the 3 Sisters Cattle Company name was derived from. The farm consists of 600 acres mostly hay and pasture but they also raise Cabbage for seed and barley for their layer flock and hogs They currently run about 150 mother cows using all the offspring to supply grocery stores, internet and farm stand sales. They belong to Island Grown Farmers Cooperative where they have their grass fed beef and all natural hogs processed under USDA inspection.

Three Sisters Cattle Company is named for Shelly and Ron's 3 daughters ~ Jennifer, Jessica, and Roshel

The Muzzall family has long been recognized for their conservation and sustainable practices. It is really just a way of life from what we eat to how we heat our home. This has really not changed for many generations. The biggest problem on any farm is really just cash, from generating it to keeping it. So conserving is a way of life, from used wire to used equipment. We utilize the manure from our animals for fertilizer in the form of dry manure and liquid manure from our lagoons. Most of our seed down consists of either Alfalfa and grass or Clover and grass. The compliment of legumes and grass provide for each other. With 95 percent of our land in sod or timber you can only imagine the carbon sequestration that exists. We use a integrated pest management system and realistically the 95 percent of our land that is in sod never sees any pesticides. Our biggest weed control challenge is our fencerows and our timber and agricultural land interface. Pesticides and commercial fetilizer cost cash and we use as little as possible in order to remain sustainable. Ron and Shelly have been involved with farmer cooperatives, their church and served on various county committees. Our goal is to continue the family legacy of sustainable farming on Whidbey Island.






The main barn at Greenbank Farm was the setting for the first ever Slow Food Whidbey Island event.  Held from 2 to 4pm & open to the public, it was a fanfare of yummy food and wine, and a another Whidbey success!


The slow food movement that has swept our nation recently intends to support and help small and large communities embrace food grown and prepared by their local citizens. members.  Slow Food USA states on their website: Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. There are 16 “chapters” in Washington state alone, with hundreds nation, and world-wide, with membership counting in the 100’s of thousands. In an effort to promote this slow food “idea” on Whidbey, local farmers, chefs, and foodie prone residents, planned the event at Greenbank with the intereste in forming a Whidbey chapter of the umbrella organization.   The intended chapter will be called Slow Food Whidbey Island.

To be an “official” chapter of Slow Food USArequires several steps and a team of founding members who commit to promoting locally grown foods, increase the membership and hold food related events open to the public, and chapter membership.

Planned specifically to meet some of the requirements in becoming an official chapter and introduce ever more island citizens to the slow food concept, the event was well attended and delicious. Dazzling guests with the best locally grown food, wine and local color the island has to offer, the event included information about slow food, local farmer’s, produce; restaurants, meat and shell-fish growers, a winery, a pie company and the myriad of other food related businesses that make their home on Whidbey.

So the question is: Should we have a Slow Food Whidbey?  Are a bunch of new foodie related events a good thing for island residents and visitors?  Seems the people who packed the barn today think so.  Coming from north and south, those who attended were all a’buzz over the event.  Clearly, it could have been twice the size, if they’d had twice the room.  Tickets sold out over the last several weeks, and only a small hand full were left to sell at the door.  For the 25.00 cost to attend, each guest received small tapas size servings from 7 farmer/grower/chef partnerships, coupled with tastings of 3 wines from a Whidbey winery.  All making up a meal.

Acting as MC for the event, founding member and acting president, Barbara Graham, informed guests, while they enjoyed their meals, about the new chapter’s inception, creation and hope for the future.  In a partnership with growers, chefs and other citizens, and the support of Coupeville Mayor Nancy Conrad, Barbara told guests there was a lot of support on the island for the effort to start a chapter.  She then introduced the local farmers/growers and chef’s who were participating, and other founding members who encouraged the guests to join with them in bolstering up this new chapter of Slow Food USA.

The chapter already has a mission; to preserve, strengthen and expand the local production, preparation and appreciation of food on Whidbey Island by fostering a sense of its importance in our lives and promoting access of our entire community to good, fair, clean food. Farmer’s, growers and chef’s spoke about their convictions that a slow food chapter is, indeed, a good for Whidbey.

And why not?  With La Connor, Anacortes and Skgit Valley, to our north and Seattle to our south, Whidbey is smack dab in the middle of “good food land” around here.  A lovely island; with great growing conditions, a long history of farming, a load of new and young farmers, an agriculture training center at Greenbank Farm; countless great chef’s; lots of historic barn’s, community center’s and recreation halls to hold events. Seems like a good fit.  Not to mention, our well outfitted state park’s; with their hefty BBQ’s anchored into the ground, picnic tables, scenic sites and sunsets!   It’s perfect right?

With plans for a full bore website, right now Slow Food Whidbey Island has a facebook page that states: This is truly one of the most delicious places in the world to live, surrounded by abundant waters and rimmed by the stunning Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. No matter where you turn Whidbey Island offers a truly marvelous array of food, some traditional and some new, but all worthy of celebrating and preserving.  And there you have it.  Good food in a good place, enjoyed by good people.    Slow Food Whidbey Island here you come.  

If Slow Food is about partnerships between farmers, chefs and cooks and community, it would appear Whidbey is a good fit for a chapter.


For more information about Slow Food Whidbey Island

contact Barbara Graham or Vincent Nattress



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