With Lotto prizes around the country reaching historic peaks – the question circulating around the net is “WHAT WOULD YOU DO if YOU WON?”

I know what I would do, and have had this plan for A LONG TIME!

Firstly, call my lawyer, call my broker (invest), pay down bills, pay off all family member homes, UNDERWRITE 50 MOTOR HOMES, 50 Veterinarians, 50 Vet assistants and all their supplies to provide FREE SPAY AND NEUTER services in every state for as many years as my investments will allow.  Following that I would spend a butt load of money putting heavy restrictions on and regulating animal breeders.

WAIT – there’s more ( I hope I win A LOT!!!) I would start an abused living creature organization to help people and animals who are unable to defend themselves from cruelty…

Then I’d buy a vintage truck, AND OF COURSE – GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! to human many assorted services and sustainable agriculture organizations.

Human and animal abuse is a tragic and horrible result of our throw away society, in my opinion.  Humans have always had the ability to be cruel – but with our wants and needs today it seems we are ever more able to produce sad and pitiful existences for many living creatures (humans included) who could otherwise be happy and healthy

Sounds like big projects – OH – Well – I’ve always been one to THINK BIG!

And if I win one of the smaller amounts – I’ll down size the plans you read here and generally do the same.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR BIG BUCKS!  NO need to be philanthropic in your desires if you don’t want to be.  Don’t let my plans trip you into not being honest about your plans.  Different strokes for different folks with their big bucks.

Happy lotto ticket buying!