Look out old timer eateries in Coupeville, for the second year running, a brand new business WON the MUSSEL CHOWDER CONTEST!

Ebey Bowl, located at 1203 W Terry Road in Coupeville, made the best chowder and has raised the bar for the 2012 Penn Cove Mussel Fest.  Last year the 2010 mussel chowder winner was Mosquito Fleet on Front St. in Coupeville.

Matt and Heidi Iverson and Mimi and Scott Johnson, owners of Ebey Bowl – will surely be fielding tons of congratulatory phone calls, emails and visitors today – giving them no time to rest after a whirl wind Mussel Fest weekend.

When asked, by Gwen, at the Mussel Mingle, Friday night, what he had planned for his chowder entry, Matt Iverson said he had no idea what he was doing – but he was confident it would be delicious and he was not worried”.  Looks like his confidence paid off!

Congratulations to the STAFF of EBEY BOWL!


Ebey Bowl
1203 W. Terry Road
(360) 678-2255