Vivian Rogers-Decker, Family and Student Support Advocate

Vivian Rogers Decker began volunteering for  Readiness To Learn in 2000.  In 2001,  she accepted the position of Family Support Specialist in which she provides individualized services to families and youth, in Central Whidbey.

As the Homeless Liaison, Vivian provides multiple supports to help homeless students stay in school.  Her ten years of experience, and professional leadership, ensures that even in the most challenging situations Vivian will be up to the task and capable of helping.  Vivian has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a  minor in Criminal Justice. She lives with her husband Paul Decker, in the heart of Whidbey Island, and enjoys volunteering with numerous organizations and spending time with her two sons when they are home from college.

Gwen invited Vivian onto Whidbey Chat this morning so Vivian could explain to listeners just how much good is done for, and how much more is needed, for struggling families on Whidbey Island.

As much as the island represents paradise for so many – it is, after all, a modern world with modern problems.  Problems that Vivian Rogers-Decker deals with everyday.

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THANK YOU VIVIAN – for all the work you do!  You are a role model to all of us!  Keep up the great work!

TO directly inquire as to how you can give to Readiness to Learn and the programs Vivian thinks are so important in her work – please log onto the Readiness to Learn website.