August 9, 2010

Yesterday, August 8, 2010, the Orca Network hosted a 40th Anniversary memorial and Save Lolita event in Penn Cove. Kicking off by boarding several boats for a wreath laying out at the capture location in Penn Cove the event both moved and inspired all those who attended.

Click here to listen to Howard Garrett of the Orca Network tell you how, why and when Lolita can be released

Click here to see and listen to Ric O’Berry – of the award winning movie The Cove – talk about Lolita

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Click here to read the proposal for retiring Lolita

Click here to see, and listen, while Lolita is presented a recording of her family pod’s vocal communication

Do you love your family members? Orca do. Photo by Dave Elllifrit

Click here to read the Newsweek story about Lolita – Free Lolita a Whale Story

Click here to see a young woman, committed to Lolita, enlighten you about how the BP oil spill will harm Lolita

Click here to see a moving tribute to Lolita by a committed and concerned person

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