All things lavender - even t-shirts

Sarah Richards could be called the Lavender Queen of Whidbey Island – but she’s a little too humble to take the crown.  Still she’s planted and developed her business, Lavender Wind Farm, on the west side of Whidbey, overlooking the San Juan Straight and Olympic Peninsula, into a haven for all things lavender – and it’s got some real WOW FACTOR going for it.

Click here to listen to Sarah Richards – talk about Lavender Wind Farm, yesterday, today and tomorrow

Starting with 5 acres, purchased from the Darst family, a long time farming family on Whidbey, Sarah has added 3 and 3 quarters acres for a grand total of 8 3/4 acres – of sandy loam soil that makes her lavender happy and her products varied.

Billowing Clouds of Lavender fill the eyes and nose at Lavender Wind Farm

Breaking ground on the property in 1998, Sarah planted some lavender as a wind break for her garden.  Those plants were not much for breaking wind, but they did procreate well, and now Lavender Wind Farm is very close to 10,000 lavender plants – and counting.

Take a harvesting lesson from Sarah Richards - who wields a chainsaw to harvest her crop

Along with a wonderful staff, Sarah has been able to grow her lavender and her farm into a bustling business.  She is devoted to her crop and attends lavender conferences all over the world – keeping up on the latest trends and maybe having a day trip she might call a vacation.

During her interview with Gwen, Sarah speaks eloquently about the lavender labyrinth she and her crew planted up at the farm back in 2001.  Finished in the spring of 2002, the labyrinth is a special place people come to walk and meditate through, finding solace, joy and resolve, or whatever it is they need, to find, through their journey in and out of the beautiful maze.  Using a Hopi tradition called Man in the Maze to design the labyrinth, Sarah is committed to caring for it and making it available to those who seek it out.

The Lavender Wind Farm - Hopi Tradition Labyrinth - Man in the Maze

Along with Rick Blank, Mare Chapman, Nancy Guptill, Jodi Davis, Kathy Haven, Mary Vaughan, Younes Moumou (intern) and Eli Merrell (summer student help and world class weeder), Sarah makes Lavender Wind Farm a wonderful place to work (unless her employees are fibbing) and a beautiful place to visit.

Click here to listen to Sarah Richards – talk about Lavender Wind Farm, yesterday, today and tomorrow

and check out these “strange” (Gwen’s words) lavender products she makes…  We can attest to the ICE CREAM – not pictured here – cause it’s GONE!   Every visit to Lavender Wind Farm causes an ice cream bar to disappear….