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August 29, 2010


for KWPA’s Old Time Radio Players, producers, director, cast and crew!


KWPA’s Old Time Radio Show – Live on Stage – encore performance at South Whidbey High School, last night, was ANOTHER smashing success!   Kudos go out to Executive Producers William Bell and Harry Anderson, Producer/Director Elizabeth Herbert, and the entire cast and crew – for a wonderful night of high quality entertainment on Whidbey Island!

Musical accompaniment for the evening performed by South Whidbey’s premier dance band, Locomotion

Foley Artist Group (Sound affect makers) for all acts of the KWPA Old Time Radio Live on Stage – Joe Fackler, Kyle Lancaster, and Chole Karl

Keyboard and Saxophone accompaniment performed by George Konopik

Applause and Laughter Sign performed by Casey Patterson

KWPA’s volunteer Ushers, Judy Lynn, Ron Wilkenson and Gwen Sam handed out programs and guided guests into the auditorium.

KWPA volunteer board members, Che Gilliland, Sarah Richards, Judy Feldman, Charles Arndt, Harry Anderson and Marty Behr maned the ticket table, and greeted and informed guests about KWPA memberships and sponsor packages.



Carolyn and Rich Tamler as Fibber McGee and Molly

The night began with The Johnson Wax Program, Fibber McGee and Molly.  Originally broadcast in March of 1940, the episode, Cleaning the Hall Closet, had the South Whidbey audience in stitches!    Actors and foley artists (sound makers) transported the audience to Fibber and Molly’s home, and the hall closet that threatened to crush them when they opened the door.  Hilariously, lead actors Rich and Carolyn Tamler performed the piece with great timing and convincing portrayals of the original actors, James “Jim” Jordan and Marian Driscoll, the husband and wife team who starred in the original show.  One of the longest-running comedy shows in radio history, beginning in 1935 and running to 1959, Fibber McGee and Molly, still entertains – with KWPA at the helm.  While Molly could often be heard telling Fibber “T’ain’t funny, McGee!”, KWPA’s South Whidbey audience couldn’t disagree more!

KWPA Cast -Fibber McGee & Molly

Fibber………………. Rich Tamler

Molly……………….. Carolyn Tamler

Announcer……………….. Jim Dunn

Man………………. Michael Monson

Little Girl (Teeny)…… Julia Beumer

Gildersleeve…………….. Jim Otruba

Produced/Directed by Elizabeth Herbert



Fibber McGee and Molly was followed by The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Originally broadcast in April of 1947 the episode called, The Adventure of the Tolling Bell is the story of a quiet holiday in the countryside, cut short when Holmes agrees to search for a runaway boy. At the same time, he must uncover the secret of the town’s haunting church bells… which never stop ringing.  Ed Walker as Holmes and David Eccles as Watson, along with the rest of the cast and the foley artists (sound makers) had the KWPA audience riveted with anticipation, awaiting the conclusion of the mystery.

KWPA Cast of Sherlock Holmes

Holmes………………………..  Ed Walker

Watson…………………….. David Eccles

Mr. Bell………………. Michael Monson

Mrs. Michol……………. Sandra Pollard

Mary…………………. Joyce Napoletano

Gillian……………………….. Jim Otruba

Mrs. Lakland…………… Donna Meyers

Tom………………………. Dell Lawrence

Produced/Directed by Elizabeth Herbert


During a 20 min. intermission audience members could be heard chatting up the first half of the show, with compliments about the actors, sound makers and musical accompaniment, and recollections of favorite moments.  KWPA had delicious cookies, generously donated by Tree Top Bakers of Clinton, and bottled water for the audience to enjoy during the intermission.  The concession stand was operated by KWPA volunteers, Michael Ferry, Jim Sherman and Terry Bible


As LocoMotion played old swing time and sentimental favorites of the era, audience members were ushered back into the auditorium for the second half of the KWPA Old Time Radio Show Live on Stage, excited to hear what was to come next.


Joyce Napoletano and Dell Lawrence in The Whistler

Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a 1947 episode of The Whistler, opened up the second half of the KWPA show to a rapt audience.   An american radio program running for a total of 13 years from May 16, 1942 until September 22, 1955, The Whistler, was one of the most popular mystery drama’s of its’ time.  Likewise it was one of the most popular pieces performed by the all volunteer cast for the KWPA Old Time Radio Show.

Opening with the Whistler saying – “I am the Whistler, and I know many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales, many secrets hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak,” KWPA actor Terry Rose played the part to the hilt.

KWPA Cast of The Whistler

The Whistler………… Terry Rose

Announcer…….Michael Monson

Gina Crane……Joyce Napoletano

Floyd Durant……. Dell Lawrence

Isabel…………….. Donna Meyers

Clinton………….Erik Christensen

Barbara Arnold..Joanna Roomes

Dist. Attorney… Dick Snowberger

Clarke…………………. Jim Otruba

Jackson…………. Harry Anderson

Judge………………. Walter Meyers

Court Clerk…………. Kathleen Fox

Mrs. Adamson……. Carole Shipley

Store Clerk/Juror..Mary Rose Anderson

Elevator Operator…. Andy Walker

Director/Producer Elizabeth Herbert



Eve Arden as Connie Brooks

KWPA closed the evening with a production of the wonderful old radio show Our Miss Brooks.  Originally broadcast in 1953, this episode, A Plaque for Mr. Conklin left the KWPA audience enjoying Miss Brooks and her endearing, if not sardonic personality.  Originated by Eve Arden, Our Miss Brooks ran on radio from 1948 to 1957 and then launched into the new media of TV from 1952 to 1956.  Nicole Bouvion proved the perfect casting for the lovely and exacting Miss Brooks.  Accompanied by a stellar cast, Ms. Bouvion pulled off the episode just as well as Eve Arden ever could, and the KWPA audience could relate to the clever, sarcastic, kindhearted teacher.

Cast of Our Miss Brooks

Announcer……….. Jim Dunn

Connie Brooks…… Nicole Bouvion

Mrs. Davis……….. Kathleen Fox

Walter Denton…… Andy Walker

Osgood Conklin…. Walter Meyers

Mr. Boynton……… Jim Otruba

Harriet Conklin…. Reilly Richards

Mr. Stone…………. Michael Monson

Mr. Turner………… Joe Fackler



KWPA – for a great night showing Whidbey Island great radio !

KWPA is Whidbey Island’s member supported community public radio station.   The station operates with an all volunteer board of directors, volunteer hosts, technical support and actors.  Support your local radio station by going to


Plumeria - at the Case Farm

Shelia & Mike Case-Smith make farming seem like fun.  The energy and attitude up at Case Farm, north of Oak Harbor, has a casual but hardworking feel about it.

112 years since her Great Grandfather, Alonzo Case, started the family farm, the Case-Smith family continues to foster diverse and healthy farming, on land that has the familial memory of a Whidbey Island history book.

Along with their three children, two girls and a boy, and their assorted feathered and hairy friends, Shelia and Mike produce enough food to feed their family, their extended families and three Whidbey Island Farmer’s Markets.

Listen to Shelia Case-Smith talk about the Case Farm

Known for their powerhouse tomato plants, great produce, fall pumpkin patch and countless other plants and veggies, Sheila and Mike, are trying their hand at unusual delicious and sweet smelling produce (an flowers) most people would never dream of growing in the Pacific Northwest.  With a daughter who has traveled the world and Shelia’s trip to Hawaii, the farm is home to such trees as olive, lemon, lime, banana, not to mention the lemon grass, a coconut, plumeria and numerous other unusual plants the Case-Smith’s nudge along.

Not your “run of the mill” farmer, Shelia uses an unusual marketing tactic to make an impact on her customers.  And her husband, Mike, can also be found using this same tactic impress those who stop by the pumpkin patch in the fall.   Listen to Gwen’s interview with Sheila to find out what the tactic is.

Listen to Shelia Case-Smith talk about the Case Farm

Pictured above is one of the Plumeria blossoms Shelia and Mike have in their greenhouse.  Gwen is sorry to say the batteries on her camera conked out, after the second photo – so you’ll have to wait to see more pictures of the Case Farm in Oak Harbor.

THANKS TO SHELIA AND MIKE – for allowing KWPA and Gwen up to the farm!  This interview continues and enhances the Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears!

We hope listener’s enjoy getting to know the farmers who make Whidbey Island’s farming community world class!

Janet Enzmann, Island County Historical Society Archivist, Sno-Isle Library volunteer and all around generous, vivacious, and “in the know”, Coupeville resident passed away last night after a long illness.

Janet leaves her loving husband, George, and children, Heidi and Ed, behind, along with her grandchildren and the countless people on Whidbey Island who have loved her and counted on her tireless work as a historian and volunteer, and those who were her friends and neighbors.

Janet Enzmann – will be dearly missed.

Janet Enzmann portrait by Sarah Woehrman - painted in honor of Janet's tireless work as the archivist for the Island County Historical Society - Click on image to see more of Sarah's art.


April 2010 - Janet admiring the coon cat sculpture placed in the Coupeville Library in her honor.

The Georgia Gerber cat sculpture was funded by the people of Coupeville and Whidbey Island.  And is mounted on Japanese black walnut table by Gary A Leake, funded by Friends of the Coupeville Library.


A stack of books thanks Janet at her sculpture unveiling at the Coupeville Library


Click to read about the Coupeville Library and the unveiling of Janet’s honorary cat at the library


It was a FULL house at the Coupeville Library the day Janet Enzmann was honored with the unveiling of her Coon Cat.


Janet – your generousness, your grace and your supreme power to bring people together, get things done for the benefit of all and act as our very own goodwill ambassador – will be remembered forever by all who knew you.

The new resident’s to Whidbey, and specifically Coupeville will have to take our word for it – Janet Enzmann was a great and graceful woman who would have come to your home to welcome you to town if she were still here.  Have no fear – surely Janet’s spirit will always be slipping in and out of our community, library and museum – when she is not going home to make George lunch.

Sympathies go out to Janet’s family!  Good bye Janet – you are, and always will be, deeply loved!


IT IS HOT on Whidbey!  90’s!  That is HOT for us!

Tomorrow – Monday – August 16th – an archived Whidbey Chat show will air at our usual time of 11 am.  Could be Proposition 1 with Angie Homola or one of Whidbey Chat’s past shows.

Interviewing Shelia Case-Smith, from Case Farm in Oak Harbor, tomorrow at 7pm – due to the day time heat.  Look for that interview to air later in the week.

Thank you for supporting KWPA – your volunteer-based, noncommercial, community public radio station on Whidbey Island.

Listen to Howard Garrett from Orca Network talk about the Penn Cove Orca captures, Lolita and all things Orca

Memorial floatila and programs for Anniversary – August 8, 2010 – Coupeville Wharf, Penn Cove, Coupeville Middle School Auditorium

Click here for details from

The Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears has Gwen traipsing around Whidbey Island seeking out the farmer’s who make the island a world-class foodie location.   Many of those interviewed, to date, are farming acres – 3, 6, 8, 12.  And then there is Carolyn Gardener, of Fennel Forest Farm, who is growing produce in a 40×40 foot square area – just enough to keep her well rooted as a vendor at the Coupeville Farmer’s Market.

Click here to listen to Carolyn Gardener talk about her postage stamp garden – Fennel Forest Farm

Fennel Forest Farm Lettuce - PRETTY PERFECT!

Carolyn Gardener is deliberate, focused and organized – just the traits to have when you are trying to get enough produce yield to sell at market, out of a little bit of land.  Calling her farm Fennel Forest for herb that monopolizes much of her hill on the south-west side of Whidbey Island, Carolyn has carved out a sweet little fenced area – to protect her raised beds from deer and other creatures – growing the multitude of crops that end up delicious meals for her loyal Coupeville Farmer’s Market customers.

Carolyn Gardener uses slick tricks to keep her produce happy and healthy. Look closely at the edge of the raised beds here - COPPER flashing is wrapped around each bed at the top. Listen to her tell you why she does that. It's inexpensive and attractive!

Seriously committed to growing healthy and chemical free foods, Carolyn never uses anything toxic on her plants.  She does not fight bugs, pathogens, or creatures that slither though Fennel Forest Farm with anything but organic measures, hard work and slick tricks.

Carolyn warms her plants against the chill of the west side of this Pacific Northwest garden with simple practices. Find out what these are and how she uses them in this interview. Note one of her two BIG solar panels at the top left corner of this picture - looks small here - but it's a hefty boost against her carbon footprint. And Carolyn does not waste valuable water on an island that can be very dry in the summer by watering the paths between her beds. Preferring to suffer with a touch of brown grass in the dead of summer.

This interview will help anyone – gardening in a small area – triumph at harvest time.  Take advantage of Carolyn’s trials and errors, to learn some valuable lessons about growing, maintaining and protecting your produce.

It's recycled and "simply" works!

Acquiring many of her hardware materials at the recycling center, Carolyn uses ingenuity and recycling practices to turn common household items into simple solutions for any garden problem.  Too cold for your tomatoes?  Too many slugs to fight?  Are birds eating your seeds before they germinate?  Carolyn Gardener has a simple answer for what most of us think as the insurmountable problems, that might drive us to stay in bed and avoid looking at what maimed or ate our garden overnight.

Click here to listen to Carolyn Gardener talk about her postage stamp garden – Fennel Forest Farm

Mmmm - a perfect cabbage at Fennel Forest Farm - see any bug holes on there - NOPE!

If you’ve ever wondered how Carolyn Gardener of Fennel Forest Farm produces so much produce on such a small designated plot of land, or what the differences are between a gardener and a farmer – this interview will answer your questions.

THANK YOU – Carolyn for having KWPA and Gwen out to your sweet garden plot – Fennel Forest Farm!!!!

Click here to listen to Carolyn Gardener talk about her postage stamp garden – Fennel Forest Farm

Mmmmmm - Carrots, planted with a beet compliment, are coming on at Fennel Forest Farm!

Fennel Forest Farms beds - 6'x3' and 12'x3' - are planted, harvested and replanted often in the same season - companion planting and best use of space make for big results at Fennel Forest!

All things lavender - even t-shirts

Sarah Richards could be called the Lavender Queen of Whidbey Island – but she’s a little too humble to take the crown.  Still she’s planted and developed her business, Lavender Wind Farm, on the west side of Whidbey, overlooking the San Juan Straight and Olympic Peninsula, into a haven for all things lavender – and it’s got some real WOW FACTOR going for it.

Click here to listen to Sarah Richards – talk about Lavender Wind Farm, yesterday, today and tomorrow

Starting with 5 acres, purchased from the Darst family, a long time farming family on Whidbey, Sarah has added 3 and 3 quarters acres for a grand total of 8 3/4 acres – of sandy loam soil that makes her lavender happy and her products varied.

Billowing Clouds of Lavender fill the eyes and nose at Lavender Wind Farm

Breaking ground on the property in 1998, Sarah planted some lavender as a wind break for her garden.  Those plants were not much for breaking wind, but they did procreate well, and now Lavender Wind Farm is very close to 10,000 lavender plants – and counting.

Take a harvesting lesson from Sarah Richards - who wields a chainsaw to harvest her crop

Along with a wonderful staff, Sarah has been able to grow her lavender and her farm into a bustling business.  She is devoted to her crop and attends lavender conferences all over the world – keeping up on the latest trends and maybe having a day trip she might call a vacation.

During her interview with Gwen, Sarah speaks eloquently about the lavender labyrinth she and her crew planted up at the farm back in 2001.  Finished in the spring of 2002, the labyrinth is a special place people come to walk and meditate through, finding solace, joy and resolve, or whatever it is they need, to find, through their journey in and out of the beautiful maze.  Using a Hopi tradition called Man in the Maze to design the labyrinth, Sarah is committed to caring for it and making it available to those who seek it out.

The Lavender Wind Farm - Hopi Tradition Labyrinth - Man in the Maze

Along with Rick Blank, Mare Chapman, Nancy Guptill, Jodi Davis, Kathy Haven, Mary Vaughan, Younes Moumou (intern) and Eli Merrell (summer student help and world class weeder), Sarah makes Lavender Wind Farm a wonderful place to work (unless her employees are fibbing) and a beautiful place to visit.

Click here to listen to Sarah Richards – talk about Lavender Wind Farm, yesterday, today and tomorrow

and check out these “strange” (Gwen’s words) lavender products she makes…  We can attest to the ICE CREAM – not pictured here – cause it’s GONE!   Every visit to Lavender Wind Farm causes an ice cream bar to disappear….

Little bit of “Island Time” this week.  Working to get 3 more podcasts up!  Thanks for your support and for stopping by!  Stay tuned!

KWPA added 3 Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears interviews to their site!

Visit & Listen, often, as more get loaded.


Listen to Peg Tennant – Farmer’s Market Manager – Oak Harbor and Coupeville


Listen to Wilbur and Julianna Purdue at Prairie Bottom Farm


Listen to Sarah Richards at Lavender Wind Farm


Thank you for your support of KWPA



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