Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam will be coming to the airways of KWPA as a recorded show this coming week.  The show will air on Thursday – July 15 – at 9am and Friday – July 16 – at 4pm.


Gwen’s tour of Prairie Bottom Farm

continuing Whidbey Chat’s Farm Tour for your Ears on KWPA!

Julianna Stewart and Wilbur Purdue of Prairie Bottom Farm on Whidbey Island

Gwen takes a recorded tour on a farm, with a couple of  farmer’s who dig Whidbey.  Get the skinny on the past, present and future that Wilbur Purdue and Julianna Stewart see for their growing concern on Ebey’s Prairie.  A farm they call Prairie Bottom Farm.  Interview will be recorded on July 12, 2010.

Show will air Thursday – July 15 @ 9am & Friday – July 16 @ 4pm


These dates may change due to transmitter maintenance on KWPA’s transmitter and studio.   If dates are changed it will be posted immediately.