July 3, 2010

As of today ~ The Shadowlands production by LA Theatre Works is STILL available for costless listening.

Gwen’s Review: “WONDERFUL”


L.A. Theatre Works performs Shadowlands

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At anytime this production can become a “pay to hear” event.  As of July 3, 2010 it is still available cost free.


The English author C.S. Lewis wrote some of the canonical works on contemporary Christianity, including Mere Christianity andThe Problem of Pain. While he earned great renown for his writings on love in a spiritual context, he lived most of his life as a bachelor, until meeting the American poet Joy Gresham in 1952. And it’s through this enduring friendship that Lewis learns about the power of human love to truly connect him with the divine.

Shadowlands stars Martin Jarvis as C.S. Lewis and Harriet Harris as Joy Gresham. With Arthur Hanket, Nicholas Hormann, Christopher Neame, Kenneth Schmidt, and W. Morgan Sheppard.