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July31 & Aug 1 - 2010 - Free admission - bring a picnic - Lavender Wind Farm presents ARTIST'S INVASION

July 26, 2010

Today Gwen will be heading out to Lavender Wind Farm on Whidbey Island to record an interview with Sarah Richards – owner and farmer at Lavender Wind.

Continuing our Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears – Sarah will give KWPA listener’s the low down on growing lavender and being part of the Whidbey Island farming community.

Lavender Wind Farm, with a view of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan De Fuca, is on the wild west side of beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington. The farm is within the Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, and maintains the farming culture of this special area. We have perfect growing conditions for lavender, only about 18 inches of rain a year due to the Olympic Rain Shadow, lots of wind, and plenty of sun. Come visit us during blooming season. The land it sits on has been farmed for over 100 years. Sarah Richards, the current owner, bought the original 5 acres from the Darst family who had raised potatoes on the land for years. The soil is a rich sandy loam. Later she bought an addtional 3.75 acres and has been planting more lavender.

This interview will air on KWPA later this week.  Schedules to follow.  The interview will also be linked to the KWPA site – as a podcast – asap.  Check back if it is not there right now.


Hope you’ll listen to some of the farmer interviews.  Will post more as soon as I get off island time this weekend!  Enjoy the great weather!

Recently – during an interview with Wilbur Purdue – we found out it is not a popular idea to paint a John Deere product in any other colors than what are called “John Deere green and yellow”.  Listen to Wilbur and Julianna Purdue’s interview out at Prairie Bottom Farm – and then come back here and hear what a true John Deere man has to say about the fact that Wilbur and Julianna painted one of their wedding gifts, a John Deere trailer, with red and a not so John Deer yellow.

Click here to listen to Dale Sherman’s comments

The John Deere offending trailer

Listen to Prairie Bottom Farm’s Wilbur and Julianna Purdue

Clicking the link above takes you out to Ebey’s Prairie on Whidbey Island for a visit with Wilbur and Julianna Purdue!


Wilbur and Julianna on the tractor that has a canning jar as an air filter (bottom left to right of exhaust pipe)


There it is! Don't have to take this tractor to the dealer for a new air filter!


The offending John Deere trailer - painted with RED! Shocking! Stay tuned for comments from Dale Sherman on what he thinks of painting a John Deer with any other color - than JD yellow and green - coming up on this site in the near future.


The new barn is going up! Prairie Bottom will be using this barn to wash and process their produce in a protected area, hold classes for their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members, and otherwise continue their healthy growth as a sustaining Whidbey Island farm. The barn will be attached to a cistern system to collect their produce washing, and rain, water for reuse on the farm.


400 feet long rows of garlic on Prairie Bottom


Coming to an end of harvesting mid June - the pea is a Prairie Bottom treat.


Wilbur points out pest on small kale plant. Prairie Bottom uses organic processes on their farm to battle pests and plant problems and insure a healthy product for their CSA members and Farmer's Market customers. Notice the "farmer hands".


The bounty of their labor - Wilbur and Julianna have rock'n beets!

KWPA’s Whidbey Chat Farm Tour for Your Ears continues

Peg Tennant is a Whidbey Island native and the Farmer’s Market manager for the central island markets – Oak Harbor and Coupeville.

On July 19th, Peg joined Gwen for a conversation about her job, and her life loving and promoting locally grown, and prepared food, on Whidbey Island.     Listen to Gwen’s interview – aired on KWPA – and get the skinny on all things farmer’s market and the bonus of a couple good recipes !


Click to listen link = WCPegTennantMarketManager_7_19_2010

Click on picture to visit one of Peg's Whidbey Island markets - Coupeville


July 19, 2010

Attention KWPA’s Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam

shopper – listener

Thank you – EVERYONE – for your patience….  The hot weather is causing one of our switches to behave like wild child…  All hands are on deck for a fix – but it’s not like we can go to Ace and buy a switch.   Please – hang in there with us – KWPA – the community public radio station – that could!

Today Gwen will be interviewing Peg Tennant – Market manager for Oak Harbor and Coupeville Farmer’s Markets – we will do that interview out of the studio, to air later this week.

Will let everyone know as soon as the techno switch is behaving properly and Whidbey Chat is back to a live formate.

PRAIRIE BOTTOM FARM’s Wilbur and Julianna Purdue will be airing today – 11am!!!!  today.  Great time with great Whidbey Farmers!   Tune in!

Wilbur and Julianna Purdue of Prairie Bottom Farm on Ebey's Prairie

IN ADDITION – please forgive lack of updates on this site….  It’s been a long week.  We will update the photo gallery and recap, for Prairie Bottom Farm’s interview, in the next couple of days.  Guess “Island Time” is at play this week.

Thanks again!

Thank you – EVERYONE – for your patience….  The work is being done….  SOON – SOON ! 

Will let you know as soon as the techno upkeep and housecleaning is finished!~

PRAIRIE BOTTOM FARM’s Wilbur and Julianna Purdue will be coming up !  Great time with great Whidbey Farmers!   Can’t wait for you to hear it.

July 12, 2010

The Little Station That Could – KWPA

Over the next shortest period of days possible KWPA will be only airing recorded shows while the transmitter and studio are maintained.

Please tune in to 96.9fm around Penn Cove or stream over the internet anywhere on the island or world to hear KWPA – Whidbey Island’s Public Community Radio station.

KWPA’s show Whidbey Chat, and Gwen Sam, would like to thank the Whidbey Island communities, all of our listener’s, our board of director’s and volunteers for sticking with KWPA.

Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam will be coming to the airways of KWPA as a recorded show this coming week.  The show will air on Thursday – July 15 – at 9am and Friday – July 16 – at 4pm.


Gwen’s tour of Prairie Bottom Farm

continuing Whidbey Chat’s Farm Tour for your Ears on KWPA!

Julianna Stewart and Wilbur Purdue of Prairie Bottom Farm on Whidbey Island

Gwen takes a recorded tour on a farm, with a couple of  farmer’s who dig Whidbey.  Get the skinny on the past, present and future that Wilbur Purdue and Julianna Stewart see for their growing concern on Ebey’s Prairie.  A farm they call Prairie Bottom Farm.  Interview will be recorded on July 12, 2010.

Show will air Thursday – July 15 @ 9am & Friday – July 16 @ 4pm


These dates may change due to transmitter maintenance on KWPA’s transmitter and studio.   If dates are changed it will be posted immediately.



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