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A piece by EarthSky producer, Lindsay Patterson, called Museum of God – was rebroadcast this week.  Original show aired during 360’s Evolution series, Nov. 2009, marking the the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s,On The Origin of Species. Whidbey Chat’s Gwen Sam thinks it is a wonderful piece by a talented young woman with a great present, & future in science reporting, education & entertainment!

In this 13 min piece, Museum of God‘s star, amateur paleontologist Jon Halsey, the creator, so to speak, of  The American Museum of God, takes Lindsay on a digg in an effort to increase his museum’s holdings.

LISTEN to Lindsay Patterson’s – Museum of God

Note: there are numerous pieces from the Studio 360 Evolution series (Nov. 2009) on the same link !

Let it be known, 99.9% of the time, in Gwen’s opinion, Studio 360 hits the ball out of the audio park!  A real touch stone!  Enjoy

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