Rita Golden Gelman the author of Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World, has lived the life of a nomad for over 15 years.  She has no permanent address, is a writer and middle aged white woman…

Barbara Ludwig, Gwen’s guest on Whidbey Chat tomorrow, also lives with no permanent residence, is a writer, a and one of the 40 authors chosen for Rita’s new book, an anthology called Female Nomad and Friends, Tales of Breaking Free and Breaking Bread Around the World.

Barb has a story to tell about her life, past and present, what’s driving her choices and how she goes about living as a nomadic woman.  A lifestyle, most of us may not, cannot, fully comprehend.  Barb and Rita and many like them, living without a home is an obvious choice of life styles.  In the ultimate form couch surfing; never ending camping trips, short term stays, white, brown, tan, black, young, middle aged and old women are going nomadic.

An interesting, sane, safe and healthy life?  Nomadic woman say, yes.  Listen to Whidbey Chat with Gwen Sam tomorrow, you may say yes too.  Or not…

Female Nomad and Friends an Anthology compiled by Rita Golden Gelman

All the royalties of the pictured book are used to fund vocational schools that educate and elevate eastern Indian children from the slums of New Dehli, India.  Slums you wouldn’t let your pets live in, no less one of your wide eyed giggling blossoming little children.

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