Continue to listen!  FYI – The techno audio problems on the live versions of Whidbey Chat are on the front burner – of things to get fixed – asap!  The problems do not appear on the internet streamed or recorded (Wed at 4pm and Fri. at 4pm) versions.

So many people have called, emailed, and stopped on the street to say they hear “other voices”, over the live Whidbey Chat shows on Monday’s.  That problem, a technical one, I am only casually able to, fully, comprehend, was thought to have been fixed.  That was intended to be the case, though apparently it has returned.

Now, there is a problem with the volume, on the live show, too.  Those listening on their FM radio’s must turn their volume all the way up in order to hear the show.  Add that to the returning overlap voice and poof – frustration ensues.

Thankfully the problems are only evident on the live version of the show – so we continue to chat along, grateful the repeats (recorded versions of Monday’s show) DO NOT have these problems!

The transmitter for KWPA is small, in comparison those you may see in your road travels around Pacific Northwestern Washington.  It’s itsy bitsy, as it were.  It is positioned on the Muzzell Farm, across the cove and with the generous permission of the owner, for optimal signal reception. The volunteer force who maintains and trouble shoots the transmitter, works at all hours with no pay to keep KWPA on air. Each problem that arrises is dealt with as soon as possible and with the utmost care for a fast fix.

Again –  if you are listening on your radio – we hope you will tune in for the recorded version at 9am on Thursday’s and/or 4pm on Friday’s.

Thanks for your support  – Whidbey Chat will continue throughout the problems on Monday’s!   “Tomorrow in another day”