THANKS to Dorothy Read for coming into KWPA’s studio to continue Whidbey Chat’s Whidbey Writers Group series.  Dorothy is a long time resident of the island, a former teacher and decade long member of the Whidbey Writers Group.

Dorothy shared with Gwen the benefits of being a long-term member of a writers group like Whidbey Writers, how fellow writers build relationships with each other through reading and critiquing each other, and how that enhances the processes and outcomes of her written word.  It was interesting to hear what inspires Dorothy’s writing, how she goes through the process of writing a piece from inception to finish. and finally the long arduous task of editing a manuscript, finding an agent and eventually a publisher.  

Dorothy also beautifully read an excerpt from her short story Busses, Trains and Taxicabs, published in the Rocking Chair Reader series Family Gatherings.

Dorothy’s most recent book, a memoir called End the Silence, as told by  Ilse Evenlijn Veere  Smit, is Ilse’s World War II experience in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) during the Japanese invasion and occupation.  Taking in excess of 5 yrs. to write End the Silence is a story of endurance, suffering and triumph.  If you know the history of what is now Indonesia – you know there must be tens of thousands of horrific and heroic stories attached to its occupation and eventual sovereignty.  Dorothy’s painstaking and years long work with Ilse, has resulted in a book that helps the reader understand the brutal, tragic and heroic aspects of a part of the world and WWII that many of us do not often hear about.  End the Silence details and honors Ilse’s life and that of the thousands who suffered and struggled along side her in those shocking and often untold times.  The book has gotten good comments from editors and is currently seeking a publisher. 

THANKS Dot!  It was a great interview!